Wednesday, 8 May 2013

visual tale of a gothic aesthetic

It was love at first sight with the absorbing costumes
realized by designer Katarzyna Konieczka who was
born in Gdańsk, northern Poland, graduating from the 
International School of Costume and Fashion Design.
Katarzyna is an avant-garde fashion designer and a
gifted costume maker who conceives her creations for
the stage and catwalk shows subtly enhancing the
character's personality through the design of her
own clothes and accessories.

She created strongly evocative female characters
of all ages building up shapes, patterns and textures
able to make a powerful visual statement at a glance:
I dare say that more than one script could be inspired
by her 'creatures'. Each single costume has been
obviously devised as a one-off piece, using various
materials and techniques developed by herself in a
comprehensive show of Katarzyna's artistic capability
and her grasp of historical costuming.

Her textured clothes and her stunning headpieces
made with beads, pearls, glass and macramé are
very well rendered in the dazzling images taken
by Polish born, Munich-based freelance photographer
Sylwia Makris who actually worked as a sculptor prior
to find her way to photography, in the beautiful
settings of stylish-decorated Villa Antonina in Sopot,
the seaside resort town on the Baltic Sea.

The dark gothic theatrical aesthetic of them give rise
to different scenarios providing unique suggestions
through time and places: young women appear like
tarot female Popes or sorceresses wearing wondrous
headpieces or futuristic sculptural dresses while
little girls are caught napping and sleepwalking
or playing with a eerie zombie-horse.

Katarzyna's work marks the substantial difference
between fashion and costume design: she designs
not only jaw-dropping outfits and accessories, she
actually designs characters and their emotional
worlds in quite a nifty way. Utalentowany!

> all images © by Sylwia Makris/Konieczka Costumes <

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