Thursday, 30 May 2013

thought-provoking folkish couture

Ulyana Sergeenko is a Russian stylist, photographer,
designer and a true connoisseur of upmarket fashion
from the customer's point of view yet her own approach
to haute couture looks quite unfamiliar at first glance
and thought-provoking at the same time.

Born in Kazakhstan, she moved to St. Petersburg
soon after the fall of the Soviet Union where her
grandmother ”my beloved babushka” taught her
how to sew and make her own clothes. Mixing
Russian traditional features and French couture
influences, Ulyana established her namesake
label in Moscow in 2011 showcasing her debut
collection in Paris last year.

She's about to become one of the rising stars in
the Russian fashion firmament thanks to her
eclectic, eccentric and theatrical style that many
critics say is better suited to Hollywood than Paris
and it's absolutely true that not all her outfits hit
the nail on the head, nonetheless Sergeenko's 
couture s/s 2013 collection is plenty of interesting
motifs and delicate details, such as hand-painted
porcelain buttons and earrings, handmade lace
and crocheted embroideries.

The self-confidence of her approach and her knack
for mixing folkish sources ranging from Russian
fairy tales and inspirations like the America of Scarlett
O'Hara and the white mansions make her pieces
quite absorbing, emphasized by smart accessories
such as embroidered eyeglasses and beautiful tiny
bags with the dainty illustrations of Yuri Vasnetsov
evoking vintage cookie boxes. Sergeenko's collection
makes me think of a young girl amusing herself
digging through her mother's wardrobe 
to play the diva role.

> all images © by Nick Suhkevich <

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