Monday, 27 May 2013

third-hand charm

I confess I heard about Momo Wang, a gifted young
London-based Chinese fashion designer, thirdhand
but I fell in love with her work straightaway.
Recently graduated from Central Saint Martins,
Momo is briskly making a name for herself thanks
to her colorful folk-inspired clothing that smartly
refreshes and renews well-worn fabrics.

Born in the small town of Jinzhou, in the northeast
province of Liaoning, China, she moved to Beijing
to study at the university where she decided to rent
a small basement, bought a sewing machine and
started making her own clothes fully expressing
her love for folk art and tribe culture as well as her
passion for collecting vintage patterns.

Momo has the ability to perceive the inner beauty of
second-hand goods, ”I see and feel their auras when
they were first made and I'm determined to bring
the aura back” she says describing her unusual
approach to womenswear. Wang finds upcycling
to be a creative challenge and she expresses all
her knack reanimating found fabrics and previously
worn clothes giving them new beauty and value.

Her latest collection is aptly called ”The Third Hand”
including a range of upcycled, colorful garments:
actually the collection started from her hometown's
flea market where Momo bought worn out clothes to
reconstruct them in new different ways. Inspired by
the 'third hand' concept of French philosopher
Jacques Derrida, her 12-piece collection shows
amazing details such as stitched patchworks,
hand-crocheted seams and embroidery decorations.
The gripping lookbook images were taken by
Beijing-based photographer Shuwei Liu in a rural
backdrop close to Jinzhou adding a lot of charm 
to her intriguing one-off pieces.

> all images © by Shuwei Liu <

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