Wednesday, 15 May 2013

the amazing Temperley sisters

Today's story begins in the desert outside the Banyan
Tree Al Wadi, a gorgeous resort surrounded by rolling
dunes close to the town of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE,  
where gifted 'true Brit' sisters Alice and Matilda 
Temperley are shooting their latest fashion campaign. 
I've lived by the desert for a couple of years and
I utterly know how beautiful is to camp out in it
overnight waiting for the rose-pink light of dawn to
brighten the sandy landscape so I can grasp how
exciting their far-off adventure can actually be.

> images 1-2 © by Matilda Temperley <

Alice and Matilda are styling and shooting pieces
from the House of Temperley's bridal and scarves
collections while taking images of the mainline winter
collection which is based on birds of prey (falconry
is an Emirates' long-lived fad, after all)
in their own
untroubled version of Hitchcock's 'The Birds', yet the 
Temperley London's spring-summer 2013 collection
 made a profound impression on me.

Alice Temperley is the well-known London-based
designer trained at Central Saint Martins who
finished her studies with a Masters degree at
the Royal College of Art specializing in fabric
technology and print who was appointed Member
of the Order of the British Empire by HM the
Queen in 2011. Alice designs 13 collections a
year for several lines: Temperley London, her
mainline launched back in 2000, Temperley Bridal,
ALICE by Temperley and Somerset, an exclusive
range for UK department stores John Lewis,
named after the birthplace of the talented duo.

True to form, Temperley London's s/s 2013 collection
is simply amazing: timeless, feminine designs
combining meticulous details and embellishments
with the label's distinctive British peculiarity and
a French Riviera chic subtly evoking late 1950's
leisurewear through variations on the sundress,
full-skirted silhouettes, lace embroideries, openworks 
in a constant play between sheer and solid in a radiant 
palette of scarlet, powder blue, navy, white and black.
A collection, it's plain to see, plenty of inspiring
romantic ideas to foster over consecutive seasons:
sublime workmanship and Alice's know-how 
in digital printing do the rest.

”While constantly being expanded in breadth,
the House of Temperley always stands true to its
philosophy; appreciating what women want with
creations that exist outside of the trend of the
moment and always flavoured with a sense of
Alice's individual 'magpie' style” the luxury
brand's website states; a credo that's fully
expressed by Matilda's outstanding pictures.

Matilda is a visual artist and a skilled freelance
photographer who previously pursued a career in
tropical infectious diseases working in East Africa
for years (she documented the unique tribal cultures
of the Omo valley in a gorgeous reportage called
'Abyssinian Dreams')
. She shoots most of her sister's
creations but she actually made a name for herself
with breathtaking insights into marginalized groups
and societies with her 'Human Zoo' series of portraits
of unconventional types, from contortionists and 
performers to present-day freaks.

The rolling hills of Somerset county meet the rolling
dunes of the Arabian desert to appeal Temperley's
devoted fans worldwide: the company operates four
stand-alone stores in London, Los Angeles and Dubai
plus the brand new boutique of Doha, Qatar.
'Cool Britannia' at its best!

> all catwalk pictures and details © by Fashionising <

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