Saturday, 11 May 2013

nothing but flowers

Mother's Day is approaching and it's customary for
my blog to mark an occasion like this with flowers
celebrating it like a thanksgiving for spring sharing
the pictures I took in the last two weeks during long
walks through town and on its outskirts.

Thanks to last winter's generous downpours, flowers
are everywhere, from backyards and gardens to traffic
islands and riverbanks, in a profusion of colors and
scents with butterflies and insects constantly 
on the prowl for fresh blossoms.

Showing my appreciation for mothers, all mother
figures and mothers-to-be, let love in and enjoy 
a lavish Mother's Day weekend!


  1. "Awww" for that last one ^_^ .

  2. wonderful gallery of beauty - photos and thoughts. thanks! I'd love to know the name of some of the flowers!