Thursday, 2 May 2013

mystique of a rosebud

Ukrainian designer Lilia Litkovskaya caught my eye
for the complex sassy outfits she's able to create
despite the apparent simpleness of her 
minimalist style (previous post here).
The purity of shapes and the accurate workmanship
of her own label LITKOVSKAYA propelled her 
on the forefront of the Ukrainian fashion scene.
Her s/s 2013 collection which is now on sale, has been
inspired by the 'Rosebud theme' from Orson Welles' 
first feature film, Citizen Kane, which is often 
acclaimed as the greatest film ever made.

The movie's ”Rosebud” refers to the sled the American
newspaper tycoon had as a little boy when he was taken
away from his parents and Litkovskaya looks at it as the
symbol of a lost idealistic infancy. She started exploring
sterotypes of femininity and sexuality in fashion choosing
to reinterpret recognizable clichés such as fitting silhouettes
with accentuated waistlines skillfully playing with leather
treatments and prints - her riddled polka dots dresses
are quite amazing - through the label's signature 
purity of lines and gorgeous shapes.

Famed countrywoman, top model Mariya Markina, is the
exclusive face of LITKOVSKAYA s/s 2013 collection and
both the label's campaign and its lookbook shots were
taken by Cate Underwood, the London-based young
photographer who won hands down the Bazaar Fashion
Forward award held by Harper's Bazaar Ukraine in 2010,
with Litkovskaya's fellow stylist Venya Brykalin.
Check through the brand's website the stunning 
black & white portraits part of the collection's 
campaign I didn't include here.

> all images © by Cate Underwood, styling by Venya Brykalin <

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