Monday, 6 May 2013

let your hair down, Rapunzel!

The plot of 200-year-old German fairy tale 'Rapunzel',
the girl locked in a tower by a witch who used her
ultra-long hair as a rope for a prince to climb up and
rescue her, has been widely used and parodied in
various media but never better than for Byron Lars
Beauty Mark's spring 2013 collection.

Byron Lars is the recognized American designer who
has been creating womenswear under his own label
since 1991 when he started making at home a few
samples on a domestic sewing machine to show them
around to stores: they were good enough to catch the
attention of his soon-to-be business partner who
allowed him to start his career with a small sportswear
collection promptly establishing a body-conscious 
style that earned critical and commercial raves.

Yet Byron felt that designer labels' garments had
exorbitant prices so he created a more accessible
line to widen his audience, exactly the Byron Lars
Beauty Mark, or BLBM: ”I wanted it to be more about
the clothes and less about the hype”, he declares,
”initially a cotton Lycra shirting based offering, 
BLBM has now enjoyed eight years of success.”

Rapunzel, or better, the iconic image of her hair 
flowing around, has been extraordinarily interpreted 
by cosmopolitan photographer Noah Chen who points
out that the contemporary Rapunzel doesn't need a
prince to save her because she is independent and
the master of her own destiny (eventually getting
rid of her hair). Chen, the mastermind of Eyework
Studio, is a skilled freelance fashion and advertising
photographer who was born in Taiwan and raised in
Belize graduating from KIAD, the Kent Institute of
Art & Design, in south east England. Based in China
since 2004, he commutes between Shanghai and
Shenzhen working as an image creator specialized
in 2-D and 3-D digital imaging.

Chen highlighted the textured pieces of the BLBM
collection through gorgeous pictures subtly balancing
the focus on shapes, proportions and juxtapositions
as well as on the powerfully evocative mood.
Designer's trademark carefully constructed pieces
such as flowy A-line dresses, daytime frocks and
sculpted silhouettes are paired in a clever mixing
of textures, materials and techniques with perfectly
tailored suits and boho-inspired playful prints.
Let your hair down and have some fun!

> all images © by Noah Chen-Eyework Studio <

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