Thursday, 9 May 2013

goodbye knitwear legend

Missoni in his studio portrayed © by Keith Trumbo (part.), 1980
Ottavio Missoni, the legendary Italian designer who
established the iconic brand with his wife Rosita back
in 1953, passed away serenely today in his home 
near the city of Varese at the age of 92.
Universally known as Tai, Missoni was a great man of
sports (a gorgeous b&w picture shows him running the
400 meters final race at London 1948 Olympics) who
came into fashion by accident as he liked to say: her
wife's family owned a textile factory producing knits
and shawls so they set up a small knitwear shop that
grew into the very first Missoni label's collection,
'Milano Simpathy', in 1958. Missoni's trademark knits
became extremely popular for the multitude of colorful
patterns - stripes at first being straight lines the only
pattern their knitting machine was able to make -
strongly influencing the world of fashion ever since
the early 1970s. Tai was quite a a very modest and
good-humored man and a truly innovative designer
(one of the few wearing his own creations in everyday
life, though) and we miss him so much; luckily his vision 
lingers on through the work of the Missoni family. 
Ciao grande Tai!

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  1. May he rest in peace.

    He founded one of my favourite brands.