Monday, 20 May 2013

going overground

DZHUS is the conceptual womenswear label founded
by young Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus,
an underground talent that goes overground at a brisk
pace shaping her new architectural approach to
fashion. Struck by the 'avant-garde statement' she
made with her structural/experimental 'Technogenesis'
collection, I'm still delighted with the results 
of her tailoring research.

DZHUS' design concept is based on the interaction
and transformation of modules to produce ”intellectual
clothing”: her latest AW 2013-14 ”Overground” collection
aims at conveying a sense of monumental majesty
through geometric shapes and specifically textured
fabrics mimicking building materials like nets, crinkled 
metallic or folded paper-like fabrics subtly referencing
architectural forms and industrial objects.

”I analysed shapes and structures of monumental
constructions and tried my best to embody their
principles in the silhouettes and cut of my designs”

Irina declares illustrating her experimental apparels
ranging from rust and grey to terracotta and blue
with copper and white touches showing structured
outfits wittily accessorized with wide zips, squared
buttons and monolithic concrete bracelets made
 in collaboration with MEL Design.

'Overground' will be featured in the upcoming June
edition of 'Be Next', the design contest founded by
the Georgian charity fund 'Societe Anonyme' to
help young designers from Georgia, Eastern Europe
and the Caucasian region ”to overcome the barriers
they face in the process of establishing themselves
on local and international markets”
I bet it won't go unnoticed!

> all images © by Olga Nepravda <

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