Tuesday, 28 May 2013

fashion done right

Della is a socially responsible fashion label based in
L.A. that's changing the way people shop: founded by
designer Tina Tangalakis who studied costume design
at CalArts, the California Institute of the Arts, Della
involves directly a Ghanian community of skilled
and passionate workers. Four years ago, Tina took
part in a volunteer project in West Africa, namely in
Hohoe, Ghana, quickly becoming besotted with the
local culture and the warm hearts of the friends she
made there (a Gold Coast of the soul indeed).

Combining her background in business and design
with her love for art and humanitarian work, Tina
teamed up with a local whiz kid, Selorm 'Nii' Addotey,
with whom she built a close friendship before 
starting their business partnership.

Della outfitter provides jobs, education and skills training
to the people of Hohoe: every product is carefully hand-
crafted using authentic textiles sourced in the Volta
headwater employing more than 50 gifted women and
men who create unique garments and accessories
receiving a fair income and are empowered through
education programs via micro-financing, savings,
entrepreneurship classes and healthcare benefits (it's
estimated that over 250 people were positively impacted 

 last year as a direct result of Della's programs).

The label's s/s 2013 collection shows garish garments
such as zipped jackets, rompers, shorts and brallets as
well as a colorful array of handbags and travel bags,
from classic hobo bags to MacBook and iPad cases
in dazzling patterns. Della keeps the Ghanian culture
going supplying the opportunity for a better life while
doing business: as they proudly declare ”We're not a
charity; we are a business done - and doing - 'right'”.

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