Tuesday, 30 April 2013

tied & tickled

Shanghai-based designer Qiu Hao, one of the most
significant in the Chinese new breed of fashion creators,
received a massive round of applause on the second
day of Shanghai fashion week with a spellbinding
show introducing his eponymous label's 
AW 2013-14 collection.

I was taken aback by the slender shapes of his minimal
'Serpens' collection two years ago (previous post here)
and the unique way he combined different materials while
altering their appearance: he's used to stretch knitted silk
as well as to heat and wash wool at high temperatures.
This time he used both sides of black fabrics as a
metaphor of contradiction and, for the very first time,
incorporated Swarovski elements into some of the looks.

The almost black & white collection tickles my fancy
with powerful examples of modern tailoring and sublime
shapes: oversized coats with sleeves tied around the
waist or across the chest in checked wool, wrapping
cloaks worn over a-line skirts or skinny trousers in
wool, cashmere and glossy leather. I simply adore
Qiu Hao's approach to tailoring that subtly injects
new life to typical English style.

 > all images © by Shanghai fashion week <

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