Tuesday, 16 April 2013

the voracity of beauty

I confess I feel a twinge of envy for the people who
have time enough to enjoy a calm awakening followed
by a delicious homemade breakfast because our
boss-cat Gigio punctually wakes me up before dawn
acting like he hasn't been fed for days in the same way
as Simon's cat (how much I love the cartoon series,
by the way) so I usually have to hurry up gulping
down just a bowl of cereals with a black coffee.

Brooklyn-based all-around photographer Anna Williams
uses food as a catalyst to shape her personal narrative:
she launched her online project in progress called
'The Voracity' in 2010 as a way of exploring themes
of hunger, consumption and beauty through stunning
images created involving a team of artists, fashion and
food stylists and designers who actively participate in their
makeup (that's why I want to credit and link them all).
Each series has a different visual approach and 
the collaborative effort came to expand 
Anna's personal vision.

The Voracity series n° 8, called 'Undone', shows red-headed
beauty Aine waking up ravenously hungry, soon starting in
preparing and eating a yummy, healthy breakfast in Williams'
crisp style that always bears a dreamy and sophisticated
aura. I'm nuts about the coziness her pictures are able to
conjure up as well as by the team work behind each single
shot. 'The Voracity' is an ongoing project making headway
in growing into an inspiring force of creative exploration 
that makes me hungry for more!

all images © by Anna Williams, style by Pam Morris,
design by Jamie Prokell, hair & makeup by Sabrina Rowe,
food by Liza Jernow

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