Wednesday, 24 April 2013

the Ice Age of fashion

Transforming water into stable structures while working
on shapes and transparencies is not so new in fashion
(e.g. Iris van Herpen turned water into crystal in her 
s/s 2011 collection) yet young fashion student/designer
Hsi-An Chu surprisingly did it working with silicone.

Her 'Freeze' 2013 collection, conceived during her MA
in digital fashion at the University of the Arts in London,
is all about the natural phenomenon of water turning
into ice, the myriad of crackle patterns on the surface
and the different layers of translucence assumed.
She smartly declared she had a sudden inspiration while
wondering which kind of sound a rabbit can make plodding
on a thin slate of ice, soon starting to interpret her
goad through silicone which is very ductile: it can be
shaped into any form being less or more rigid depending
on density and proportions, hence ideally suited 
to imitate frozen water and icicles.

The in the offing Taipei born designer played with the opacity
and transparence of silicone subtly suggesting the feeling of
seeing through a frozen surface both from inside and outside,
creating overlapping layers of fabrics with a streaked 
and patterned appearance on slim silhouettes with 
fringes or emphasized shoulders and sleeves.
All shapes look like they've been constructed to spotlight
the unique quality of Hsi-An Chu's 'below zero' silicone.

> all images © by Karoliina Barlund from the designer's blog <

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