Friday, 26 April 2013

the fine teatime elegance

Find yourself a cup and sit down while reading this post:
an elegant English teapot is right in front of you disguised
as detailed, neutral toned garments with a couture attitude:
young fashion designer Bona Kim was in fact inspired for
her graduate collection called ”Go to the Fine Teatime” 
by the prime object of afternoon tea ritual, the teapot, 
which is one of the omnipresent design element in 
the domestic environment, after all.

I bet you know the famous Zen haiku that wisely reads:
”strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the  
comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company” and it
utterly goes with Bona's approach to high-end womenswear
that subtly combines the exclusive craftsmanship of 
couture with a personal sophisticated aesthetic.
As a longtime and shameless tea drinker (afternoon tea
is actually a daily solace) I like her starting point as well
as her detailed creamy-white belted pieces, her work on
shapes and fabric textures smartly evoking the translucent
craquelure of fine china in an extremely homogeneous set.

Bona Kim made known her ”Go to the Fine Teatime”
collection at London College of Fashion on completing
her MA in fashion design and technology, womenswear,
showing her personal identity as a designer through
fine details such as handmade embroideries with metallic
threads, solid decorations and bold accessories.
The budding designer deserves a bona fide endorsement;
each single teapot-inspired piece can be commercially
developed into subdued wearable garments.
I do hope to see Bona's debut collection soon, anyway,
as English dramatist Sir Arthur Pinero said, 
”while there is tea, there is hope!”

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