Monday, 15 April 2013

Tectónica's quaky aesthetic

It's strange how the continual shifting of the tectonic plates
that makes up the Earth's crust could provide the inspiration
for a fashion collection but it just so happened with the 
s/s 2013 ”Tectónica” collection by offbeat Spanish 
womenswear label Impúribus.

Tectonics is a word of Greek origin meaning ”to build” and
the label's founder and prime mover, designer Sara García
Álvarez, actually a former architect, doesn't shift her ground
with her new collection: true to form, she interprets the
treacherous movement of plates and the interaction
between them through her distinctive aesthetic.

Sara made a name for herself through structured silhouettes
in which cleanness of lines is combined with innovative
geometries and great attention to details (previous posts
here and here) guided by a conceptual approach.
Sara always chooses a starting point as a necessary
theme to start drawing her creations while investigating
patterns and fabrics (she looks for high quality natural
fabrics but she's also open to embrace technological

 materials) to achieve an innovative goal.

 In ”Tectónica” she made use of semitrasparent layers
of fine silks and cottons creating multiplied visual effects
as well as playing with foldings, intersections and faint
deformations to epitomize the large-scale processes
driven by plate tectonics taking place 
miles beneath our feet.

 But you don't have to shake or tremble: the collection,
which is now available in stores, reassuringly shows
dainty, plain looks in black and white and pale gray
(all proudly made in Spain) that barely suggest the
splitting and joining of landmasses slowly shifting
their positions, yet layerings, foldings, cuts and the
fabrics' different finishing touches subtly symbolize
the solid plates of rock floating on fluid materials.

> all images © by Deseo Márquez/Impúribus <
Impúribus follows no trends (while Sara is up-to-date
with them also working as a teacher in Madrid) building
its identity through modern outfits created for a
worldly-wise woman who appreciates the 
value of tailor-made, exclusive garments.

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