Monday, 8 April 2013

showiness do's and don'ts

Starting with a fascination for the human body and
its habits, Dutch designer Brit van Nerven explores
the fine line between design and product within
fashion. Her work shows the translation from a
narrative way of thinking to an abstract and
minimal materialization.

Brit sees herself as a form maker using different
mediums such as illustration and photography to
disclose her stories. Her latest project, called
'Merging Skins', follows her graduation project,
named ”Veil and Reveal”, in which she examined
the practice of veiling and unveiling different body
parts in the way women dress.

Intrigued by the written and unwritten dress codes
related to culture, religious beliefs, social environment
and fashion trends, Brit reads between the lines of
what's obvious and obscure. From women totally
covering their bodies to those who ostentatiously
show their skin, she investigates the way each
single woman creates her own do's and don'ts
according to her self-image.

The Eindhoven-educated designer who recently
set up her own studio while working with prominent
Dutch design studios like Scholten and Baijings and 
Formafantasma, translates her perusal into an all-black 
modular garment collection in which the juxtaposition
with the body plays the leading role.
”The focus is on what women prefer to hide and what they 
feel comfortable with revealing” she declares ”...the pieces 
are all wearable objects, but the fabrics look like skin. 
They are made from spandex and wool.”

Brit's work is featured in this year's 'Transform'
exhibition by 'Dutch Invertuals', the collective of
individual designers founded by Wendy Plomp,
at the O'artoteca space in Milan during the annual
edition of the Salone del Mobile that will open
tomorrow where her experimental aesthetic 
will certainly have all eyes on.

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