Saturday, 27 April 2013

rocket in my pocket

image credit: Betsy Seeton/Solent News & Photo Agency
The cute little face of Jasper, a ground squirrel who
made himself at home in the pockets of photographer
Betsy Seeton's jeans while they are hung out to dry,
peeks the world outside in a ballyhooed picture.
Betsy is a private investigator for the defense on Federal
cases who also advocates for animal and human rights
and an all-around artist with a gypsy soul who dares to
imagine a better world: writer, painter, blogger and
passionate shutterbug, Betsy is currently living in Denver,
Colorado. She made a name for herself thanks to gripping
portraits of her cute little buddies, two pair of Rocky Mountain
squirrels and chipmunks who gladden her life on a daily basis:
”My goal through the use of a camera lens is to bring their
world into focus to expand our own. I also want to share
my belief that all life matters. I posit that if the human race
embraced that single concept -- all life matters -- we'd be
closer to peace on this beautiful and glorious, but quite
messed up planet.”  Have a perky weekend!

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