Saturday, 13 April 2013

relaxin' with Olga

After a busy week in which the blessed invention of
daylight saving time (or British summer time if you
prefer) came to provide more energy (or it's simply
the invigorating smell of spring?) and therefore more
tasks to undertake, I can lean back and chill out with
the delicate illustrations by Olga Usiichuk.

Olga is a gifted Ukrainian student from Lviv, an
industrial city near the border with Poland that in
Italy is known as Lvov, where she learns clothing
design at the National Academy of the Arts who
came to publish an interesting work called 'eco' in
which she adroitly combines her love for fashion,
photography and graphic design.

Olga keeps her focus on costume and graphic
design: she came to show a couple of outfits during
the students' collections day at Lviv fashion week
last year but she actually proves to be a budding
illustrator, both at ease with traditional and digital
techniques, with a peculiar sensibility.
Have a relaxing weekend!

> all artworks © by Olga Usiichuk <

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