Thursday, 11 April 2013

on the naked mountain

Yuya Nakata is a young Japanese fashion designer
with a highly personal style: his outfits and accessories
carry on the groundbreaking approach of last century's
Japanese masters, namely Rei Kawakubo, through
conceptual explorations. Despite his young age,
Yuya had been actively involved in the fashion scene
receiving several awards in the last four years.

Yuya studied in Paris at the Académie Internationale de
Coupe de Paris while interning at Lutz Huelle, moved
back to Japan to sharpen up his knowledge at Nagoya's
University of Arts and Sciences, worked for Finnish-inspired 
Japanese brand Minä Perhonen and Issey Miyake in
Tokyo obtaining a two-year postgraduate degree 

While his first grade project collection called ”A Day in
the Space” was an amazing exploration of shapes through
riveting collared garments and knitwear creations that the
student/designer smartly defined as ”zero gravity knitting”,
his recently unveiled second grade collection, titled 
”Coordinates (35° 14' 15'' N, 74° 35' 21'' E)”, subtly makes
reference to the mighty Nanga Parbat, or ”the naked
mountain”, the westernmost eight-thousander of the
Himalayan Range, presenting 12 stunning 'explorer looks'.

Gorgeously accessorized with bulky leather and PVC
harnessed bags, shoes for the big chill and chunky
necklaces, 'Coordinates' is a truly exercise de style
with a nod both to experimentation and tradition that
skillfully mixes denim, knits, fake fur, wool and tech
materials. Design, layerings, asymmetrical cuts,
transparencies and fabric combinations make Nakata's
aesthetic one the most innovative of the seasons to come.
Take note of his style coordinates 'cause we'll 
certainly hear from him soon!

> all images © by Yuya Nakata 2012/13 <

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