Tuesday, 2 April 2013

leave your hat on

Paris-based photographer Talos Buccellati was
still a student when he started getting interested
in photography: born in Italy in the seaport city of
Genoa, with a degree in geography and a master
in conflict resolution, Talos is particularly 
enthusiastic about portraiture.

He came to work again for unconventional Russian
fashion designer Venera Kazarova producing a vivid
portrait of her latest headwear collection together with
stylist Alice Anselmi, regisseuse adjointe at the Atelier
Caraco Canezou, and make up artist Mayumi Oda.
Venera is an all-around designer with a penchant for
fairy-tale, dramatic creations that are half the way
between dreamy costumes and experimental
garments and ideally suited to be emphasized 
by modern photography.

Actually, she made waves a couple of years ago at
the Moscow ContrFashion show during the opening
day of Mercedes-Benz Russia fashion week where
she introduced her playful avant-garde sculpted
creations, namely with an uncanny pineapple-shaped
wedding dress that received a wide media coverage.

Venera's imaginative talent and her playful attitude
also explore surrealistic paper cuts but she came to
establish her label's successfulness through original
hats and headpieces with wreaths of velour flowers
and origami-like foldings. While her otherworldly
outfits are far from being wearable, her hats are full
of vim and vigor: the new collection is a parade of
stunning black & white pieces inspired by solid
geometry worn over basic neoprene tops that 
could hardly go unnoticed.

all images © by Talos Buccellati, styled by Alice Anselmi/Atelier Caraco Canezou

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