Friday, 19 April 2013

latex Friday nite

I must admit I've never experienced the feel of an all-latex
garment yet I'm not surprised to spot it in body conscious
fashion collections once in a while: basically a symbol
of the underground and alternative culture, latex rubber
is undoubtedly hot and eye-catching on the runway and
not necessarily associated with fetish.

Besides, the exploration of original new ways of molding
and elaboration on skin-tight garments are quite interesting
such as the new collection by front-running Spanish latex
brand 'MADRUBB' (Madrid Latex) which came to unveil
a colorful s/s 2013 collection called 'LXVE TO LXVE'
that is to say ”Love to live or live to love?” in which latex
definitely blurs the line between fetish and fashion.

Playful and energetic second-skin outfits in extremely
attractive hues such as white, bubblegum pink, mint green,
orange and jade evoke the unique joy de vivre of summer.
Yet the 'LXVE TO LXVE' collection surprises with an unique
innovation: embroidery in latex, a truly exclusive technique
that elevates the garments to the 'latex couture' category.
In a completely handcrafted work, MADRUBB embroiders
crystals and paillettes in dresses and gloves 
acquaring a glamorous effect.

The collection is elegantly sexy and it goes without saying,
not for all, yet most of the outfits look comfortable and not
so unworldly: their unique appeal is skillfully emphasized by
Madrid-based fashion photographer Dany Diez who focused
his camera on the perfect body of model Adriana Gonzalez
revealing how much a synthetic product, actually polymer
particles dispersed in water, can be full of life and 
freshness, stylish and inevitably so sexy.

> all images © by Dany Diez/Madrid Latex <

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