Thursday, 4 April 2013

in fresh air

'Al fresco' is a synonym of outdoor, in Italian it literally
means 'in fresh air' (oddly enough, in slang it stands for
'in jail' with quite the opposite significance)
, hence it's
the unerring title for the s/s 2013 womenswear collection
by 'Martin Lamothe' which represents a true breath of
fresh air in its light and romantic approach providing a
soft natural feel through layered fabrics and bright 
graphic prints in pastel hues of pink, virginal blue, 
earth and apple green.

Elena Martin is the mastermind behind 'Martin Lamothe',
one of the most interesting Anglo-Spanish high-end unisex
label: founder, designer and artistic director, Elena also
teaches at diverse design universities in Spain and Mexico
and runs a freelance activity as coolhunter and 
marketing researcher as well.

Proud to be the youngest student ever admitted to London's
Central Saint Martins, Elena graduated from the illustrious
college with a master's degree in womenswear; worked as
an assistant for UK's forward-looking designers Vivienne
Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Robert Cary Williams
for a couple of years and as head of the design department
for Mirò Jeans eventually establishing 'Martin Lamothe'
in 2007 debuting at Bread & Butter Barcelona.

'Martin Lamothe' is actually a social responsible label
supervising each step of the garments production:
everything is made in Spain following European quality
standards. ”Our aim is to compose a conceptual, fresh
and colorful line of products with a high social responsibility
base: we only use prime European materials and we
collaborate with the finest ateliers” she declares.

 ”Al Fresco” refers to the Florentine Renaissance that's
subtly evoked by carefully constructed outfits with great
attention to shapes and textures, graceful artsy prints with
geometrical designs and trompe l'oeil illusions in scale,
perspective and lighting as in Mannerism artworks,
polygonal figures creating changeful optical effects 
while in motion and accurate finishings. 

 Pale and bright at the same time, the garments show an
interesting take on the 'Italian summer' theme through a
careful selection of fine fabrics, flattering silhouettes and
flowing lines with silk cotton voile dresses evoking the
diaphanous shades of Botticelli and Piero Della Francesca
paintings and frescos. How to mix modernity, 
romanticism and craftsmanship 'in fresh air'.

> all images © by Martin Lamothe via the label's website <

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