Wednesday, 17 April 2013

fantastic bioplastic

'Re-generation' is a stunning green project by Equilicuá
realized in collaboration with visionary designer Leyre Valiente,
a conceptual exercise of biomimicry made with the purpose
of exploring the existing relations between sequential 
shapes and models that are present in nature 
and their close relationship with maths.

The small Asturian company, actually a laboratory of ideas,
was founded in 2005 by Maite Cantón and Marta Sarralde to
raise awareness on ecological products and the responsible
use of natural resources: all their thought-provoking projects
aim at bringing the culture of innovation to all the people in
a reasonable and non exclusive way, ”minds are like 
parachutes, they function better when they're open” 
is the innovative brand's clever motto.

Equilicuá found in Valiente the ideal partner to develop
the organic, biodegradable raincoat inspired by the shape
of butterfly larvae (a form that the Madrid-based designer
explored in her own 'haute couture meets art and sci-fi”
which is made of bioplastic obtained 
from potato starch, wicker and corn fibers.
Actually the rods creating the larval-shaped hood 
are made of corn fiber and wicker and the raincoat
can be folded and carried as a shoulder bag.

The 'Re-generation' raincoat is part of a broader project
called 'Fantastic Bioplastic', a range of products that
contribute to minimal global warming compared with
petroleum-based plastics requiring less energy to be
produced but Equilicuá is also working hard to create
a new product line from milk protein, ”something that
will be amazing” as they proudly declare.
Equilicuá wants to convey to the new generations the
idea of a sustainable approach regarding Mother Nature
as a flawless working example.

> all images courtesy of Equilicuá and Leyre Valiente <

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