Monday, 22 April 2013

Bela's unconscious affair

Let's begin the week with the inspiring images of gifted, 
versatile photographer Bela Borsodi whose fashion pictures 
are always gripping and with a unique sense of humor.
Bela made a name for himself thanks to his frisky
insights into the nature of objects in his never-ending
quest for artistic reinvention.

He is interested in what fashion can communicate and
he deals with it for fashion's sake, always with the ability
to depict and challenge its playful nature through his
cheeky visual narrative full of the fantastic array of
characters he creates taking clothes, bags and shoes
and putting them in a different context.

Born in Vienna where he studied graphic design and
fine art before working as a photographer, Bela moved
to New York focusing his skills on still life photography
working on exclusive advertising and editorial projects
through his original approach. Last year he created a
thought-provoking editorial shoot called ”Unconscious
Affair” for n° 142 of Document Journal magazine,
”an ambitious NYC fashion and culture glossy with a  
global perspective” that aims at documenting the 
variety of aesthetics and backgrounds sharing 
a similar fascination with beauty.

Bela investigated the human form working with fellow
Document partner, stylist Sabina Schreder, sublimating
the unconscious affair of fashion and art by combining
real-life models, Canadian-born Anais Pouliot and Copenhagen
native Maria Palm of Trump Models, with saucy illustrations
creating trompe l'oeil effects in a constant dialogue between
shapes and proportions, perspective and poses.

”When I work on an editorial, I might have a good idea of
where I want to go with it but often the experience of
executing it, of going with it, living with it, is really the thing
that's most exciting for me. (...) I get my best ideas by
imagining things that don't exist yet” he declared in an
interview by Rankin's biannual magazine Hunger TV.

> all images © by Bela Borsodi, style by Sabina Schreder <

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