Monday, 29 April 2013

about identity & style

French photographer Kate Fichard makes known
her idiosyncratic talent in street portraiture taking
thought-provoking pictures of people camouflaged
with meaningful objects symbolizing their 
culture and way of life.

In her image series called 'Totem de Vie', Kate turns
each subject into a living totem, a symbolic figure with
an hidden identity whose spiritual connections are
depicted through the everyday objects he/she chose
to be concealed with. Each item has obviously an
intimate meaning to the wearer and their combination
allows viewers to decipher the individual characteristics.

Drawn from nature as well as from man-made articles
such as musical instruments, garden and fishing tools or
kitchenware, Kate's living totems are skillfully assembled,
they're puzzling and easy to interpret and they represent
a stunning exploration of one's potential and qualities as
an individual. Born in Paris with British origins, Kate
studied photography at La Cambre in Brussels, Belgium,
she graduated from l'Ecal in Lausanne, Switzerland, last
year soon making waves with her pictures even 
through polished advertising images.

The 'Totem de Vie' series came to inspire also the image
(the post's opening one) Kate realized for the summer
Festival d'Aix, the Provençal chamber music show, in
which she combined an old gramophone with ten different
instruments, flowers and stuffed little birds widening 
the notoriety her style fully deserves.

> all images © by Kate Fichard, 2012 <

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