Wednesday, 6 March 2013

the end is far

Don't be misled, I'm not talking about the answer to
the Italian political uncertainty (as you may know,
recently the popular vote failed in designating a 

top dog winner and even the Pope came to resign)
yet ”The End is Far” is the confident title of the new 
exhibition by Polish born, New York-based crochet 
artist Olek at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

You could probably remember her site-specific
installations with knitted car coverings in my jolly
'Do not  knit and drive' post about crocheted
performances by guerrilla knitting artists (here).
Agata Oleksiak, aka Olek, is the widely known artist
who covers a multitude of objects in camouflage-patterned
crochet including wheeled vehicles and public art
sculptures such as Wall Street's Charging Bull and
El Gato de Botero in Barcelona.

Olek made a feature of her crocheting art ten years ago
soon after moving to NYC, she ”wowed critics” at the
Williamsburg Arts Historical Society Surrealist Fashion
Show that year briskly increasing her popularity and
exhibiting her time-consuming works around the world
while collaborating with women in Brazil, Hong Kong
and Poland in learning new techniques and 
experimenting with different materials.

”The End is Far” features new multi-layered crocheted
sculptures and panels with sounding calligraphic aphorisms
about freedom, justice and feminine power inspired by the
irksome events the artist was involved in last year: placed
on house arrest after a dispute with an aggressive male
patron escalated at a London bar, she found herself even
more motivated to fight for her freedom working harder
than ever, taking on numerous international 
projects and commissions.

all artworks © by Olek/Jonathan LeVine Gallery
via the gallery's website
The month-long New York exhibition at LeVine's features
new crochet-covered artworks like the extremely detailed
witty panels made with lace doilies and metallic gold ribbons
while an installation room containing a dining table set with
china, skulls and skeletons, boxing gloves, fruit bowls, 
wine bottles and goblets served as an isolated 
environment during the opening reception.
It's still not clear whether or not the end is far, yet
”karma has no deadline” as Olek sagaciously crocheted.

Gallery owner Jonathan LeVine with crochet artist Olek

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