Thursday, 28 March 2013

never forever

Time has come to delight in a red-hot mini collection
brimming with confidence and poise through gorgeous
colors and exquisite designs that smartly plays with
mainstream fashion rules, rebuffing all sort 
of hints and trends.

Called ”Never Forever”, the AW 2013-14 special edition
collection was dreamed up by sanguine Serbian fashion
designer Ana Ljubinković as a bid to introduce her
style keeping a tight grip on the optimistic side of fashion
and taming the visual with her own peculiar creations.
Exclusively made for the International Showcase 2013
event that took place in London in February, the 
stunning mini collection is a mix of Ana's s/s 2012 
and f/w 2012/13 collections.

”The original idea of this collection is almost incompre-
hensible to the perceptual consciousness, which is
why we can only see self-reflection, imagination and
self-knowledge. In this candy-colored concept, forms
are arabesque-shaped as they depict the fairy tale-like
world of the author, wishing to grab a cloud from the sky,
to paint it and then put it back up as a transcendental 

 understanding of the essence of the universe” 
her weblog's statement reads.

Colorful tight-fitting outfits cheerfully mixing bold colors
and patterns display the designer's unique approach
combining flora and fauna motifs with vintage dames
and cherubim, bold stripes and polka dots in symmetric
winged cuts with inserts and overlays often with
emphasized hips and shoulders, beaded tops that seem to
be covered with golden barnacles and her signature's green 
deer-shaped shoes (Ana designs also jewelry and bags).

The vivid images taken by Belgrade-based photographer
Miloš Nadaždin (who made a name for himself working
for Serbian magazines, mostly for Elle Serbia) bring to
the fore Ana's cheerful personality through her collage
effects in which textures and prints subtly call to mind
her fine arts background as well as a notable attention
to details. Ana's joyful mood can be quite contagious.

> all images © by Miloš Nadaždin <

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  1. I love the way her designs look in photos and on the rack... unfortunately she doesn't seem to have a good tailor, so they're not all that in real life.

    And I like them so :( !