Saturday, 30 March 2013

king-sized Easter wishes

'Nid de Puole' © by Roadsworth
I'm glad to wish you a Happy Easter weekend through
the playful artwork by a Montreal-based gifted street artist
known with the witty nickname of 'Roadsworth' who came
to stencil at night an abandoned bird's nest with three giant
eggs on the roadway. 'Roadsworth' started painting the
streets of Montreal in 2001 initially motivated by a desire
for more bike paths and a questioning of ”car culture” in
general developing his own stenciled language based
upon street markings and urban landscape features.
His work became popular in the fall of 2004 when he
was jailed for his nocturnal activities but he received
a relatively lenient sentence thanks to the public
support and gaining since then various commissions.
Check out his website crammed with stunning indoor
and outdoor artworks and enjoy a jolly good Easter!

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