Thursday, 14 March 2013

intellectually boho-chic

Lilya Litkovskaya is a prominent representative of
the Ukrainian fashion milieu who knows how to
express inner freedom and personality through an
intellectual approach made of clean and delicate
dresses, a bit sophisticated yet never rakish,
something that more often than not is 
easier said than done.

The Kiev-based designer is known for her elegantly
classic outfits that are extremely wearable and sassy
despite their manifest simpleness, subtly 
playing with cuts, textures and contrasts.
Litkovskaya opened her own independent studio in
2009 working on seasonal collections as well as
a diffusion line, capsule collections and different
creative projects becoming one the most recognizable
label both in men's and womenswear.

catwalk images © by Ukrainian Fashion Week
Litkovskaya's latest fall - winter 2013-14 collection
has been showcased as usual at the Ukrainian 
fashion week, an event she regularly takes part in 
since her 2006 debut, with a stunning show styled by
Venya Brykalin displaying her easy-going but fiercely
distinctive feminine aesthetic through refined cuts
and fine materials featuring notable looks such as
double- breasted woolen coats, a shiny emerald silk
dress worn under a pinstripe loose jacket, saggy skirts
and wide trousers often paired in a runway ploy
with jackets wrapped around the neck.
So cool, so chic.

b & w pics © by Roman Paszkowski via Look at Me

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