Tuesday, 19 March 2013

double exposures of a unique flair

It's a bit unusual for a fashion photographer to shoot
a ghostlike lookbook in which the outfits may appear
barely perceivable, yet the result can be amazingly filled
with a dreamy, haunting beauty. The stunning images
you're probably drooling over were taken by Peter
Olschinsky and Verena Weiss, the masterminds
behind 'Atelier Olschinsky', ”a small creative 
studio based in Vienna, Austria” as they 
unpretentiously introduce it.

”It is just so important to work as much as you can,
to learn and to be open to new things. The journey
is the award” their artistic statement reads, and they
had the nerve to explore a different approach to
illustrate the Mitgift (German for Dowry) ”House of 
the Three Girls” collection by fellow countrywoman,
couturier and interior designer Susanne Bisovsky.

I dunno if the Austrian gifted duo used the old-aged
double exposure photographic technique combining two
different images into a single one or if different shots were
digitally layered in multiply mode (it's true also that SLR
cameras nowadays allow multiple exposures on the
same image)
, yet I'm really mad about them.

Each single image combines two different outfits from
Susanne Bisovsky's haute couture 2013 collection:
a gorgeous work on shapes and proportions that skillfully
translates traditional knowledge and historical clothing in
present-day creations with Biedermeier style echoes and
an obsessive attention to craftsmanship and details often
using almost forgotten materials and textile techniques.

Bisovsky studied at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, 
built up significant experience working for J.C. de Castelbajac
and Helmut Lang as well as for smaller Austrian brands,
teaching fashion at the same University before establishing
her eponymous label to soon develop her own 'ethnic couture'.
Her garments stand as a compendium of outtakes from the
world's archives of clothing showing baking skirts, hooped
hats, embroidered bodices and her signature's striped green
gown smartly bridging the gap between popular culture
and avant garde. Ghostly unique.

> all images © by Atelier Olschinsky 2013 <

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