Sunday, 17 March 2013

digital baroque synergy

Since her label's inception, Mary Katrantzou's sumptuously
printed aesthetic provides a continuing source of inspiration
to visual artists and photographers in blurring the faint
boundary between fine arts and photography, 
through fashion shoots and portraiture.

Gorgeous outfits from the Greek born designer's AW 2011-12
collection found emotional resonance in the 'O' Sense
series of computer-generated composite images created by
Garjan Atwood, art director and digital designer who currently
lives and works in Milan after 20 years passed in Belgium
who layered his hybrid creatures upon wallpaper patterns
in perfect consonance with Katrantzou's peerless prints.

Garjan creates digital art with irony and a peculiar surreal
feel skillfully combining original and stock photography
in a digital-painting process through which he assembles
each single scene (the delicate features of his models are
made with eyes and lips from different women) powerfully
expressing grandeur as well as anguish, despair and
even sexual disturbance while enhancing the unique
allure of the ingenious designer's garments.

”Loving digital, but like to think 360°. Instead of 'consumers'
I prefer talking about people and ideas. We need to treat real
subjects behind product or brand, something real and true
that touches people. My job is to understand what the product
or the brand is about. I try to use that universe to say something
bigger than just an ad by using all media” his artistic statement
reads and Katrantzou's lavish iconography is ideally suited
to give a demonstration of his visionary approach.

> all artworks © by Garjan Atwood 2012 <

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  1. I don't have the words necessary for describing the beauty of these.