Wednesday, 13 March 2013

creamy dreamy cuteness

'There's no limit to cuteness' seems to be the catchphrase
about the latest leather accessories collection by Antwerp
born young and multi-awarded designer Niels Peeraer as well
as a true statement of appreciation I completely agree with.

A graduate from the fashion dept. of his hometown esteemed
Royal Academy of Fine Arts (one of the oldest in its kind,
founded back in 1663 whose unique 'fashion design' course
started exactly three centuries later to gradually become 

a world leading in the early 1980s), Niels moved to Paris
following his passion for craftsmanship and 
determined to establish his own label.

He briskly made a name for himself with classy leather
accessories: creamy pink thick, vegetable-tanned leather
pieces with a delicate original allure: I instantly went mad
about his limited edition (just 5 pieces) handbag collaboration
with Delvaux (here) fully illustrating his own dreamy vision,
his love for artisanship and leather in the rough trough
 an exquisite and subtly gender-neutral style.

Called 'Hua Dan Calyx' being inspired by Hua Dan, a female
character from Beijing Opera - Hua also means flower and
that's where Calyx comes from - and Japanese samurai
Kabuto head coverings, Niels' latest AW 2013 collection
showcases the designer's signature aesthetic through
gorgeous pieces: double vizor caps and headpieces,
bowed handcuffs and bracelets, winged tote bags with
brass fittings. Cute and so much more than that.

> all images ©  2012 Wenn-Kee HSU/Niels Peeraer <

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