Saturday, 2 March 2013

botanical voyage of discovery

'Angelologia 2', 2008
I have a yearning desire for gardening yet most of
my plants are sending out new shoots while hosted
in the greenhouse because the snow-capped mountains
around us and a gutsy wind from the north say that
spring is yet to come. So, what's better than the dreamy
botanical paintings by Spanish artist Carlos Forns Bada
to beg for spring to come and rescue us?

'La cigarra y la siesta', 2011
'Psique y el Sueño', 2011
Carlos Forns Bada is a Madrid born artist who spent
his childhood in Seville, studied architecture and fine arts
in Madrid before moving to Rome to be intensely engaged
in painting developing his own detailed style through his
inborn capacity to observe. Since 1996 he collaborated
with luxury brand Bulgari realizing a large series of oil
paintings which are displayed in shops worldwide and
came to design several silk foulards for Spanish
fashion house Loewe.

'Albóndiga Piranesiana', 2011
'Cigarra socrática y albóndiga piranesiana', 2012
His work is constantly inspired by childhood memories
of the gardens along the Guadalquivir banks ”...task in
which memory serves as the ideal tool for investigation”
as Carlos writes in his artistic statement, ”afterwards,
the discovering of a vast continent, whose unsuspected
reality reveals itself as a fourth dimension overlapped
to the barren territories of the daily experience and its
hurry for survival, impulses the organization of new travels
for the exploration of these lands, much closer and 

more inaccessible than the childhood sceneries...”.

'El daímon de Sócrates entre Empédocles como arbusto
y Demócrito como arácnido', 2012
'Tránsito', 2010
The artist investigates the possibility of other worlds'
existence, ”...worlds less transitory and more consistent
than those present or past...” as he puts down describing
his journey to attain an original vision of the natural images
of otherworldly paradises, a detailed inventory of flora and
fauna that can only be achieved through the imagination.
I really dig his vibrant paintings featuring a strong link with
scientific illustration together with a dainty, poetic touch.
Yesterday was actually the opening day of the exhibition
”Voyages of Discovery” that will run until April the 20 at
the 'Tactel Espai Gallery' in Valencia fully showing the
artist's peculiar research. As Marcel Proust wisely wrote
”the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking  
new landscapes but in having new eyes”.

'Autorretrato como jardinero', 1998
all artworks © by Carlos Forns Bada

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  1. Wow, what amazing images. I think they're more striking at this time of year when so many colours are muted. Thanks for sharing these :)