Friday, 8 March 2013

a unique tale of derring-do

I'm glad to celebrate today's International Women's Day
with a young woman who nerves herself to do something
that frightens the rest of the world: Ocean Ramsey (could
a name be more appropiate?) dares to apnea-dive to swim
with one of the sea deadliest creatures, the great white shark,
grabbing hold of its fin to take a ride through the water.

Ocean is an untiring advocate for shark preservation based
in Honolulu who grew up surfing and diving sharing water
with them on a regular basis: ”at times it feels as if I'm
swimming next to my best friend and sometimes as
unwanted house guest. This can be a dangerous activity,
but if done with right experience and respect for the animal,
the risk of being mistaken for food or viewed as a threat are 
minimized...” she explains in her website, pointing out 
that ”people have no right to fear sharks since we kill 
average of a 100 million sharks annual while sharks 
mistakenly kill only 4 people annually.”
She proudly adds that she feels ”blessed, honored and
extremely lucky to have had such incredible experiences
with so many beautiful and magnificient marine animals.”

Endless kudos to the ”shark whisperer” whose courage
goes far beyond the struggle for equality!

images and footage stills © by Juan Oliphant/Caters News

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