Wednesday, 27 February 2013

when opposites attract

The Icelandic clear sky is quite unique providing a soft
glowing light which is not only caused by the scattering
of the sun's rays at northern latitudes, yet by the
surrounding refractions of a barren wonderland made
of glaciers, waterfalls, snowy deserts and geothermals
offering unceasing dramatic changes (not to mention
the breathtaking streamers of reddish or greenish 

light of nighttime auroras) so it's small wonder that the
other-wordly experience came to inspire the work
of a young knitwear designer.

Magnea Einarsdóttir is an Icelandic designer who studied
drawing and pattern cutting at Parsons Paris before applying
for London's Central Saint Martins where she was offered
a place in the knitwear course since her tutors saw potential
in her portfolio, graduating last year with a BA Honors degree.
She has been conceptually exploring opposites and how
they attract, namely looking at what happens between
daylight and darkness in different places such her native
island and London skies; black & white, soft and hard.

”When you design knitwear, the focus is on the fabric.
You begin with experimenting with the textiles and
designing the shapes and silhouettes of the clothes
comes later. I usually keep my shapes simple so the
knitting stands out. It's all about the knit.” she 
declared in an interview by renowned London-based 
stylist and blogger Ines Fravezzi.

'Opposite Attract' is an impressive handmade collection
combining the Scandinavian heritage with her love for
knitting implementing traditional methods working with
contrasting materials such as Icelandic wool, cotton
and rubber. She developed a remarkable technique
interweaving rubber with organic yarns creating graphic,
geometrical effects gleaming in the reflected light.
There's nothing like talent to widen the endless
possibilities of knitwear.

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