Saturday, 23 February 2013

Welsh coastal aesthetics

A grounded ship that was left rusting in a dry dock in the
Dee estuary, Flintshire, North Wales, has been decked
out by a crew of European street artists who spray-painted
the hull of the Duke of Lancaster with impressive designs.
Artists from UK, Russia, Latvia and Hungary named
themselves the 'DuDug' collective playing on Welsh
'black duke', transformed the wrecked steamer into a
landmark for drivers and walkers along the Wales 
coast longing for the ship to become a 
unique open air public art gallery.

> both images © by ANNAR50 via Daily Mail <
The ship's owners welcomed the project letting the gifted
crew gain access to the dry dock for days to create their
striking artworks. Among them, I'm nuts about this gorgeous
Japanese woman with a spitted red mask covering her eyes
spray-painted on the ship's stern by urban artist Fin DAC
who lives in London where he refined ”a paint style that
ignores the accepted visual language of street art - I call it 

Urban Aesthetics - a modern-day take on the 19th century 
 art movement” as he proudly declares. Art for art's sake.

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