Wednesday, 6 February 2013

'The Letter' from Copenhagen

This post is intended as a break, like a sorbet served
as a palate cleanser between courses, to interrupt
the customary avant-garde, experimental collections
by innovative young designers examining the classic
elegance of 'By Malene Birger' label.

Inspired by ”men's tailoring, attention to details, interior
decor, art, foreign cultures, travel and of course the ever 

 present black and white universe...” as Danish designer
Malene Birger wrote in the open letter introducing her
brand's tenth anniversary collection, the collection
makes a refreshing change through superbly tailored
outfits for sophisticated women of all ages.

As art directing consultant, Ms Birger is the heartbeat
and creative force behind 'By Malene Birger', designing
and overseeing each ready-to-wear collection, the brand's
identity and global campaigns as well as the entire aesthetic
universe (accessories are of great significance, too),
supported by a dedicated team who embrace 
her distinctive style.

That's why I'm going to use the designer's own words
to describe her latest AW 2013 collection, called as you
quickly guessed, ”The Letter”, ”a place where contrasts
meet and the eternal symbol of the balance between
feminine and masculine, an important 
counterbalance essential in my work.”

”The Letter collection is sharp and modern, with focus
on fittings and qualities. The silhouettes are dominant
and will add strength to your already existing wardrobe
and to you. It is a sophisticated look - expressed in
prints, artworks and colours. The inspiration comes
from handcrafted Moroccan rugs, beautiful Arabian
tiles, orchids, crystals and ornamentation - all things
are part of me and my daily life and work.
It is a very personal collection.”

> all images © by Copenhagen fashion week <
”The Letter is the first collection I get to show you on
the catwalk in 2013 - the year that marks the brands
ten year anniversary. The ten year jubilee means that
2013 will be a year of celebration for By Malene Birger,
a celebration of all the wonderful things we have 
achieved but also of all the great things the future holds.”
As a real letter, it ends with the designer's signature,
I can only add my congrats & kudos!

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