Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hurrah Giovanni!

image © by Bjoern Kils
Let me shout my enthusiastical ”Wow!” for the amazing
performance by the international team led by Italian skipper
Giovanni Soldini who, on board 70-foot monohull Maserati,
set the new record on the historic nautical 'Golden Route'
from New York to San Francisco via Cape Horn, 
actually one of the hardest sailing records.

Soldini and his crew sailed on New Year's Eve from New
York and they have just crossed Golden Gate Bridge covering
the 13,225 nautical miles in 47 days, 2 hours and a half
non-stop at sea while the previous record was held by French
skipper Yves Parlier aboard Aquitaine Innovations who,
in 1998, covered the distance in 57 days, 3 hours and 
2 minutes. Such a great achievement for seldom
snubbed Italy (which was once known to be 
home of poets and sailors, after all)!

images 2,3 © by Maserati.Soldini website

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