Friday, 1 February 2013

fashionistas' kooky pets

Last year I suddenly fell in love with a cute little cat
whispering 'hello' with a look of annoyance on the
face expressing, I was about to figure out, the unique
naive style of Swedish artist Annelie Carlström who
skillfully combines a pensive, grim undertone 
with a subtle sense of humor.

Annelie studied at several art schools in Stockholm
before earning a BA in graphic design and advertising
from famed Beckmans College of Design where she
realized how much she could love drawing for fashion
(she supposed fashion to be shallow and only about  
money before understanding how meaty it can be).

Apparently unsophisticated, her accurate pencil
drawings are thought-provoking and delicate at the
same time, ideally suited to illustrate carefully selected
items such as accessories and perfumes with a
whimsical touch. No wonder she worked throughout
the years for several Swedish and international clients
including The Sunday Times, H&M, Nylon, Monki 
and Fashion Tale to name just a few.

Annelie's latest collaboration is an illustrated fashion
story for Elle Singapore's 'Here's Kooky' February issue
focused on ”the season's boldest accessories that
are crisp, graphic and minimalist and best paired with
oversized flounces”
as the article reads, showing cute
pets (among them a couple of teddy bears and a tamed
with their owners wearing ruffled fancy dresses
accessorized with large glasses and weighty jewelry.

Luxury goods take a good-humored light from 
Annelie's poetic point of view.

> all artworks © by Annelie Carlström for ELLE Singapore <

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