Friday, 8 February 2013

a RED fashion fairy tale

After two centuries, the eternal magic of Grimm Brothers'
fairy tales lives on through new editions and a forthcoming
action-dark fantasy 3-D movie premiered in the USA
two weeks ago, which is meant to be the continuance
of ”Hansel and Gretel” (starring Jeremy Renner and
Gemma Aterton as a brother & sister duo of 
professional witch hunters).

The famous German folk tale published by the Grimm Bros.
in 1812 came to inspire another duo, designers Pierpaolo
Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri, for the latest RED
Valentino's RTW AW 2013-14 collection, a playful,
dainty approach to folklore full of gripping details 
and cherished childhood memories.

Little trimmed dresses with sweet floral motifs, mini
and corolla skirts, bell-shaped checkered coats, bows,
jacquard capes, minute embroideries and delicate
hand-painted prints reproducing gingerbread biscuits
and marzipan sweets, make me rhapsodize about the
collection's freshness and charm.

Are these whimsical pieces for dewy-eyed romantics or for
a present-day frisky heroine in trimmed knee-socks? Hard
to say, yet whether it's love at first sight or love in hindsight,
the collection irresistibly draws my attention for its couture-like 
ornamentation and the extraordinary use of materials ranging
from tricot wool, tulle, silk, taffetà, velvet, plaid, fur, 
leather to doubled lace and grosgrain ribbons.
A true fashion fairy tale.

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