Saturday, 12 January 2013

the year of the emerald

catwalk picture from the designer's website
Emerald, the vivid verdant green commonly associated with the
precious stone, has been proclaimed as the Color of the Year
2013 by Pantone™, the renowned corporation that came to
become the essential color matching partner of all types of
designers, annually selecting the hue to define the zeitgeist.
I dare to match the ”lively, radiant, lush” Emerald 17-5641 with
the thought-provoking dresses by fashion designer Ivana Pilja,
a recent graduate from College of Design in Belgrade, Serbia.

image credit: Milana Bosnic
Her avant-garde debut collection made its first appearance last
summer at Maastricht's FASHIONCLASH and will be showcased
at London fashion week next month. Titled ”Semi Song” being
inspired by the sound of summer running provided by cicadas,
it shows theatrically constructed outfits with precise hints to
Japanese origami culture, sort of moving sculptures with a
steampunk edge, incorporating the powerful emerald shade.


  1. Serbia? And for something I would wear in an instant? Awww ^_^ .

    But it is quite a bit like McQueen's "Atlantis" collection, no?

  2. Yes, you're right, it's a darker McQueen, yet it's quite interesting.