Monday, 14 January 2013

the knit-wrap virtuoso

You know how much I love knitwear with an attitude,
that is to say trailbalzing designs and techniques
incorporating the very latest developments and 
how experimental creations knock me down.
Besides 'Pitti Filati' is about to begin in Florence showcasing
the state-of-the-art woolen creations so stay tuned to get
a bellyful of sculptural knitting in the near future.

Let me start the series however with lionized British
virtuoso Craig Lawrence: born in Ipswich town, Suffolk,
he studied at Central Saint Martins realizing knitwear
pieces for Gareth Pugh's line for six seasons in a 
row prior to his graduation in 2009.
Craig soon established his eponymous label and briskly
made a name for himself thanks to original fancy knits
with a truly unique disposition and craftsmanship.

He creates gripping voluminous shapes using unconventional 
materials such as sweet wrappers and ribbons, silver 
and gold aluminum foil, plastic trash bags and even
'men at work' barrier tapes: whatever he's able to wrap around
the feminine figure but he mostly works with Japanese
metallic covered Kyototex yarns developing through the
years a polished technique that's not only about 
shape but cares to refine the texture.

”I enjoy picking things - fabrics and yarns - that people
already know and then bring a different context to the
material. It's always interesting with knitwear because
you can use such a broad range of yarns, materials and
fabrics and be playful and a bit humorous” Craig declared
to Dazed digital introducing his peculiar approach.

No wonder his talent has been the subject of London
Victoria & Albert Museum's ”Fashion in Motion” last summer,
the live event with a history of supporting budding young
designers which came to celebrate his use of inventive
techniques and unexpected materials through a public
catwalk show, actually a review of his works from graduation
to a sneak preview of the latest s/s 2013 collection.
Wow! Craig has what it takes to freak me out!

>  all images © by Victoria & Albert Museum, uncredited photographer <

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