Thursday, 3 January 2013

pretty uncomfortable leisure

Spellbound by the allure, mesmerized by the force of
personality and enthralled by its genesis, I dote on the
graduation collection of Dutch upcoming designer
David Laport who, strange to say, took the notion of
discomfort to build up a superlative array of girly clothes.

David Laport is a gifted young designer with a background
in theatre design who graduated last summer from the
Royal Academy of Art, Fashion and Design in The Hague,
the seat of government and administrative center of the
Netherlands which is plainly a mine of new talents, too.

David's graduation collection was inspired by 1899 Thorstein
Veblen's ”Theory of the Leisure Class”, a detailed critique
of social-class consumerism suggesting that economic life
is driven by the social strata of tribal society rather than by
utility proposing as well that many economic behaviors were
based on the division of labor in accord with 
the person's status group.

Rich people, as feudal barons, employed themselves in useless
 practices of conspicuous consumption and leisure to display
their higher status while middle and lower classes worked hard 
supporting the whole of society, hence the economic well-being
of the society was and still is more symbolic than practical.

”Veblen describes how women at the end of the 19th century
chose uncomfortable clothing intentionally as a symbol of status.
The more uncomfortable the clothing, the higher the status.
As a result, the leisure class women wore outfits with bizarre
shapes out of fragile, almost unspoiled fabric”
David declared
”these women are the inspiration for my collection. As such
I took the notion of discomfort and translated it 
into modern day fashion.”

The young Duth talent showed his exceptional ability with
dainty architectural garments, fine examples of modern
craftsmanship through amazing crinkles and volumes
with many blown up plissé skirts and collars in which sheer
white silk and light fabrics are skillfully paired with laser 
cut leather tops and pants trimmed like lace.
Crikey! We'll certainly hear from this guy in the years to come.

> all images © by Jolijn Snijders, styling by Jordy Huinder <

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