Monday, 21 January 2013

nimbly knitted in Copenhagen

Don't get fooled by the visual illusion in the opening pic,
it's just a funny coincidence happened juxtaposing two
different views of the same garment's top created by
Copenhagen born & based designer Stine Ladefoged
who's nimble-minded enough to deserve a pat on the back
for displaying the true grit of an accomplished designer.

Graduated from Danmarks Designskole, she soon
established her eponymous label in 2009 starting off her
line with a process-oriented approach focused on visual
expression through materials, structures and shapes fully
showing her great affection for knitwear and, in all likelihood,
to the work of Swedish fellow Sandra Backlund.

Inspired by postmodernism and architecture, Stine made
a name for herself ever since her 'Narcissism is Calling'
graduate collection and later on she was short-listed for
the DANSK fashion awards, Best Danish Design Talent
of the Year 2011 thanks to her simple yet innovative
take on unswerving knitwear.

Her latest collection, the s/s 2013, comprises sculptural and
detailed wool and jersey knitted pieces in which ”the detailing
come to life through both draping and experimenting with
different techniques on the knitting machine. She works with
combining different gauges, such as fine gauge and bulky
gauge to get more variation in the volume and structure of
the knit...” her website's about reads introducing her practice.

Mostly black outfits (with interesting black & white textured
pieces and crisp dresses in pastel shades) with a peculiar
appeal and great attention to details combining Nordic
simplicity with more or less structured silhouettes with
openworks, knots, fancy woven braids, waves and layers
denoting the upcoming designer's adroitness.

light blackground catwalk pics © by Fashionising
black blackground catwalk pics © by Dark Light Color

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