Friday, 25 January 2013

Louise's wooly head

Unfortunately, I'm not keeping my promise to let you in
the knitwear galore of Pitti Filati 72, the main international
event for the knitting yarn industry held twice a year in
Florence that came to an end this evening, because I've
spent the last two days laying in bed with a nasty cold
with sore-throat and nonstop sneezing.

I must keep myself warm, gulp down some homeopathic
drops from time to time and hence devise a snappy post:
that's the reason why I selected a bunch of head-warming
knitted wigs from the photography series ”Wooly Head”
by London-based young knitter, photographer and blogger
Louise Walker who created playful woolen wigs 
in sweet pastel shades with precise hints 
to the hairdos of the past.

Louise, a graduate from the Arts University College at
Bournemouth where she studied commercial photography
while falling in love with knitting, is ”interested in the past
and the future” as she introduces herself adding that
”you can usually find me on the Hammersmith and City 
line knitting away.” Doubtless just a few women may have
the audacity to wear them yet I suppose I'd soon be better
putting on one of Louise's wigs as a tea cozy.
Never mind, a good sleep will restore me.

> all images © by Louise Walker, make up & styling by Louise Ashton <

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