Wednesday, 2 January 2013

finders keepers

It's true, as the saying goes, that fine feathers make fine
birds, still a young iconoclastic talent could show beyond
doubt that original, eye-catching outfits can be made from
a wide range of inspirations and materials, even on 
the cheap, transforming ugliness into glamour.

Young Swiss designer Manon Kündig, recently graduated from
the acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, 
actually one of Europe's fashion capital cities, blurs the boundary
between fashion, costume design and art with her menswear
graduation collection aptly called 'bowerbird'.

Inspired by the strong-billed tropical bird known for constructing
an elaborate bower adorned with feathers, shells and small
fragments of junk to attract the female for courtship, Manon
wraps the male body in countless silk scarves in a technique
that clearly doesn't arise from a fashion point of view, pairing
or mixing traditional shapes with fringe garments as 
well as cheap and posh materials.

As the male bowerbird collects all kind of items to decorate
his alcove, Manon takes for herself images by the dozen found
on the web to create her own eclectic patchworks: 
she has the nerve not to follow trends or better, 
to shake them all up in an optical mayhem.
Her almost hypnotic, internet-driven aesthetic made of brightly
colored digital collages and hand-marbled silk textures with
faux fur, laces and sequins, fringes and scarves makes 
Manon the next in line free-thinking maverick.

> all images © by Michaël Smits <

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