Saturday, 19 January 2013

fashion from the other side of the fence

A creation by Chinese designer Guo Pei on display in Singapore
during the Asian Couture show, photo © by Wong Maye-E/AP
New year's fashion events are fully under way following
the traditional fast-paced calendar of shows: menswear
in Florence, Milan, London and Paris; womenswear in
Berlin and from today on in Amsterdam, but whether we
write about celebrated brands and labels by top-notch
designers or promising new talents, we do it from the
mainstream, looking almost exclusively into 'our side
of the fence' mostly ignoring where the rest of the world
is going to, even though we're all aware that fashion is a
global phenomenon no matter how we look at it.

Creations by Rajesh Pratap Singh showcased at the
Wills Lyfestyle India fashion week in New Delhi
photo © by Tsering Topgyal/AP
adorned outfits by local designer Gulzhan Maksutova on show
at Bishkek fashion week, Kyrgyzstan
photo © by Vyacheslav Oseledko/AFP/Getty Images
A dress by Italian designer of Palestinian ancestry Jamal Taslaq
on display at MB fashion week in Amman, Jordan
photo © by Muhammad Hamed/Reuters
Boston Globe's features picture editor and deft portrait
photographer Lane Turner wisely wrote that ”... fashion
is a shallow pursuit in the eyes of many, and a deep
embodiment of identity for others...” introducing a 
truly interesting report titled ”Fashion weeks” recently
published in 'The Big Picture', the stunning photo blog
created by the leading Massachusetts news source to
tell news stories through photographs.

An outfit from the 'Queen of Giza' collection by Indonesian designer
Dian Pelangi at the Islamic fashion festival in Kuala Lumpur
photo © by Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters
A cone-headed model presents a creation by Kosovar designer
Aferdita Pacarada at a fashion show in Priština
photo © by Armend Nimani/AFP/Getty Images
Adjusting the hat before an Andean fashion show featuring
handwoven clothing in Lima, Peru  photo © by Martin Mejia/AP
The Big Picture gathered 38 gripping images from last
year's fall and winter fashion week venues around the
world, ”both famous and obscure”: here are some cropped
excerpts if you like to cast your eyes over the unfamiliar
side of fashion shows. ”Definitions of what is fashionable
are myriad and contradictory...”
Lane penned 
but thankfully, beauty is everywhere!

> all images via Boston Globe's The Big Picture <

A dress by Egyptian designer Tito is worn backstage by model
Nafissatou Gringue at Dakar fashion week, Senegal
photo © by Finbar O'Reilly/Reuters

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