Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Chimaera reloaded

Leyre Valiente is a gifted young Spanish designer whose
sculptural works kept my attention in a flash thanks to
simmetrically stitched armor-like black leather garments
(previous post here) uncannily inspired by the Chimaera,
the female monster of Greek mythology.

Leyre is a motion-picture devotee (her latest capsule
collection was called 'Santa Sangre' or 'Holy Blood'
from the 1989 Mexican-Italian avant-garde movie
directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky), blond-haired and
with the face of an angel that makes me think of a
Mark Ryden's character, who makes manifest a
surprising dark, gothic aesthetic.

”For me fashion is a way to express myself as an artist
expresses himself through his paintings. Sew in place
of paint, but it's the same. It's art. As a lover of cinema
and art, my designs are heavily influenced by both”

she declares introducing her peculiar style.

Her s/s 2013 Chimaera collection 'take two' updates
and improves her ”fantastic and metaphorical journey
from fetus (when we all are pure and simple) to
chimaera; the complicate yet beautiful monster we 

 get to be when we grow up” and Leyre's fully able
to illustrate the metamorphosis of women from
childhood innocence to unfriendly adulthood.

Her couturesque approach depicts the concept through
gauze and organza, silk chiffon and taffetta contrasting
with the rigidity of thick leather; her signature stitchings,
inserts and nervations made with cords to simulate
veins and tendons while armored structures and bulky
golden neckpieces testify to strength and character,
though never neglecting the sensual form 
of the female body.

> all images © by Miralla y Calf <
To paraphrase a line that Leyre wrote about the
chimaera, I dare say that the inky eyes in her delicate
countenance are evidence of a soul that's dark 
because she saw the light!

> images compiled from the designer's facebook page <

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