Saturday, 26 January 2013

ceci n'est pas une pipe

image credit: Amir Cohen/Reuters
This is not a pipe nor a swan taking flight, but a flock of starlings
morphing in the early evening sky over the southern Israeli town
of Netivot taken by Reuters' staff photographer Amir Cohen a few
days ago. While roosting, starlings can assume curious shapes
flying en masse so if you have a liking for the shape-shifting
starling flocks, do not miss the mesmerizing ”Birds of a Feather”
gallery curated by Col Underhill on Flickr: you'll go bonkers!


  1. Oh, this is fabulous - I absolutely love watching starlings flock, the way the move and the shapes they make. And they never bump into each other! ;)

  2. Watching their flight is mesmerizing.

    (Good catch with the quote :D !)