Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Barbie dolls and pit bulls

Interviewed by 'Bast' magazine, Copenhagen-based designer
Anne Sofie Madsen came out with a curious and strongly
evocative statement introducing her latest 'Cherrilee' s/s 2013
collection: ”Everything in this collection should look like a Malibu
beach Barbie who's been buried in the playground for about
a year 
and then picked up by a pit bull” she said referring
to the 'go to rack and ruin' mood behind it.

Anne Sofie, the gifted illustrator and clothier I came to admire
ever since her motherland debut show, was strongly inspired
for 'Cherrilee' by Miracle Strip, the decayed amusement park
in Panama City beach, Florida, and its demolished attractions
(you can take a tour through the images taken by 
Steve Sobczuk on Flickr to fully grasp the vibe of disrepair).

”Barbie” models wearing skeletal gloves and white trainers
showcased the designer's signature dyed silk dresses,
a bit gloomy yet extremely wearable, embellished with
leather-cuts and three-dimensional appliqués while detailed
digital prints (some featuring her own watercolor drawings),
layerings, pleated skirts, tassels and fringes definitely
expressing her 'melancholically posh' point of view.

> all catwalk images © by Jens Langkjaer <

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  1. I'm not quite getting the dug-up-by-a-pitbull-Barbie, but I am loving the collection, especially the second look, the one with the raging skull and left one in the last pic.